H-Series and HX-Series Family of LED High Bay Lighting

The ground-breaking H-Series and HX Series LED luminairies. The first one-for-one replacement for 1000W+ HID systems, delivers superior and maintenance free performance. Innovative heat sinking combined with cutting-edge LED technology provides the brightest LED High Bay with the quickest payback period for any industrial, cold storage, or warehouse application. LED Modules give the H-Series highly scalable lumen packages. Modules come in increments of 5000 lumens, offering superior configuration flexibility. Lumen packages of 80,000+ cover the full range of High Bay applications.

H-Series and HX-Series Family of LED High Bay Lighting
H-Series and HX-Series Family of LED High Bay Lighting

Innovative Design

H-Series’ innovative modular design is capable of providing any lumen package required.

Best-in-Class LEDs

High performance LEDs offer superior efficacy, visual acuity and quality colors. Select optional high CRI LEDs. Instant-on to full brightness. No flicker or buzzing.

Thermal Control

Each LED module is equipped with an upper limit thermal control for consistent light without sacrificing lifetime.


Field upgradable beam shaping system produces full beam distributions of 20, 40 and 120 degrees. Each lens is exchangeable with individual LED modules for custom distributions.

Intelligent Controls

Optimize energy savings with occupancy sensing and wireless controls.

Lifetime and Warranty

With a lifespan of over 100,000 hours, assuming 12 hours a day usage 7 days a week, you would not have to replace these lights for nearly 23 years! Our standard warranty will cover the first 5 years of operation. These lights are Made in the USA and are a GE product so you are purchasing a product and warranty from a name you can trust.

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